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Shir Hamalos

Hello Ladies!

I have a question, and I beg your pardon if it's ignorant.

I have seen new moms with Shir Hamalos (i.e. clipped to their baby slings and strollers, and I know that some womyn keep them in the room with them while they give birth. I think this is beautiful. I'm curious - is this only a Chabad tradition, or do other sects do this as well?

I hope you are all having a wonderful day!

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Seminaries for women?

Hello everyone,
So, I have a question about seminaries for women. The girls that I sit with at shul have told me about a program their school (an all-girls high schol in Atlanta) has for their graduating seniors. They spend a year in Israel at a seminary. I didn't think that Orthodox women were allowed to go to seminary? Do any of you know what they're talking about?
And one other question: I am going to be graduating from college next May. I want to eventually get a Ph.D and be a college professor but I'd like to take a year off between undergrad and grad school. And I'd really like to spend that time growing in my faith. Any suggestions of things to do in that year off?
Thank you all so much for your help.
Happy 4th of July to everyone in the US!
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Thank you for allowing me to join

Good evening all!
I'm fairly new to Live Journal and, I think, a bit older than most of you, so forgive me if I'm not as computer savvy. 

I'm 48 years old, (will be 49, baruch hashem on July 1) and live in Virginia.  I have two wonderful sons, one of which is in college and the other who is a senior in high school, both went to jewish day school.  I was born in Brooklyn and my grandfather traveled in Chassidic circles and was lucky enough to have a private audience with the Rebbe many, many years ago.

We've lived in Virginia Beach for about 21 years and the jewish community here is very different than that of Brooklyn. 

I do have one question for you.  Do any of you order shetels online?  I have been ordering online and have them styled online and have been very happy in the past, but I was wondering if any of you had heard of shetels made with lace caps?

Thanks for any information you can give me.

(no subject)

Hi ladies, since you all have been so very helpful in everything so far, I thought I'd ask for a little more help. I raided my closet, and did a little bit of shopping, and have been putting together some Tznius (sp?) outfits. But I have a few questions about a few of them. So, I'll post some pictures and if ya'll would comment with your suggestions and advice, I would really appreciate it!
It is really hard to find stuff in the summer time!
And be warned, I had a long day at work, I'm not wearing any make up, and my hair is a mess. :/
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Any and all advice would be great! And, do any of you have experience ordering from They ahve the tank-tops I'm thinking of ordering. They're a little pricy, but I'm having a hard time finding stuff around here.
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(no subject)

Although this is posted first, I've had to edit this entry. My computer is being insane and not posting pictures quite right, so ehre is what was the first in the "fashion show" that's posted in the above entree.
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Dress up time!

Hi ladies,
It's been a while and I thought I'd get this ball rolling again. I'm Brekke, a university student who's also in the process of converting, and I have a few questions for you.
For those who are Orthodox, where do you shop? I am considering converting Orthodox and I am trying to become more modest. I seem to remember reading somewhere that fabrics cannot be mixed (like cotton and wool). I am having a haerd time finding fashionable, modest clothing that is within a college student's budget. I've been to funky frum on the web, but they're a little pricy for me. Suggestions? How modestly do you dress? Are pants of any kind absolutely not allowed? Any insights you have are appreciated!

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A Rookie Question...

Hello Ladies!

Would anybody be able to tell me what prayers we (as womyn) are obligated to say daily and what order those prayers should be done in? I want to make sure that I'm doing things correctly.
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Kashrut Alert!!

August 30, 2006 Campbell’s Vegetarian Vegetable Soup


Vegetarian Vegetable Soup

Campbell Sales Company, Camden, NJ

Product no longer certified as kosher by the Orthodox Union. Product bearing the OU symbol was manufactured prior to the termination of the kosher certification and is kosher.