Every Day Adventures of a Pavement Pounding Mommy (introducingyael) wrote in chayeisarah,
Every Day Adventures of a Pavement Pounding Mommy

Support Jewish Girls!

go here - http://memelabs.com/somedaystories/

And click on "Evelyn from Sharon, Mass."  It's a video contest.  Evelyn's daughter is Leah, she is the 17 year  old publisher of "Yalda" magazine for Jewish girls.  Leah started the magazine when she was 13 and runs the whole thing herself!  If she wins this contest, she gets $100k to help with getting this magazine on to Barnes and Noble shelves all over the country. 

How amazing would it be to have a high quality, tsnius magazine in the mainstream, just as readily available to young girls as CosmoGirl or YM?


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