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Random question

I know that everyone is probably just as crazed as I am getting ready for Pesach (it's 12:30am now and I don't see sleep on the horizon for many hours) and this is probably best for another list/community but I am having an issue and I wanted to see if any of the women out there had any advice/had been in the same position.

As things have turned out, my night for going to the mikvah this month is this Saturday night. This is also the year that my sister and her family will be in town and we are having them for Shabbat and the first days of Pesach (although they will be staying in a different apartment in our building). So, how does one go to the mikvah on the night of the sedarim without it being completely obvious that they have been to the mikvah. There would be only one reason why my hair would be wet over the chag so I can't chalk it up to anything else (I wear a hat, beret or scarf to cover my head and it does not completely cover my hair). In the past it has always been the first night of the chag, so I blended in well with all the other women that washed their hair right before the chag began. That doesn't work for the second night. Nor does "blending in" work when I am the hostess of the sedarim.

This wouldn't even be an issue if I were pregnant. Oh wait, that's my mother-in-law's voice coming through. :) Feel free to ignore it. As the hour is getting later and we are getting closer and closer to Pesach, I'm getting punchier and making weirder jokes. Keeping a sense of humor through all of this. That's what has kept me sane year after year. :)

Chag Kasher V'Sameach!

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